At last, all those writing deadlines are gone and I can settle down to catching up on all the stuff that’s being placed on hold for the last couple of months. I wish I could stick to my New Year resolution to deal with all emails on a daily basis, but it’s impossible, so far. I have this image of all the emails turned to paper, cascading over my head, each time I press the on button on my laptop. 

At least there’s going to be more time to visit the theatre in the next few weeks. I’m still buzzing from meeting all my favourite poets at the T S Eliot Prize readings, last weekend, down at the Royal Festival Hall. All the poetry giants were there – Carol Ann Duffy, Gillian Clarke… but I was especially excited to meet Julia Copus and Sharon Olds. Listening to them read their own work was quite an experience. I was not surprised that Sharon Olds won the prize, this time. Her poems about the break-up of her thirty year marriage were heart stopping. If you get the chance, read her latest collection Stag’s Leap.

Paul Farley succumbed to Dutch courage and was rather tipsy at the book signing, afterwards, hardly able to sign his name. It was also delightful to see Ian McMillan and Simon Armitage again. Both poets have awarded me first prize in poetry competitions in the last couple of years. It all makes me more determined to work on that poetry collection tucked away in the drawer. Perhaps that will be another New Year Resolution? To complete my anthology and look for a publisher. Hmm… better set myself a deadline!


You’ll be able to read my review of the T S Eliot 2012 Prize Shortlist Readings at http://www.WalesArtsReview.Org in the next few days.